Stars twinkle, and so the Original Aspiration

The Sarawak Constellation Poetical Society would like to express its sincere appreciation and gratitude to YB Datuk Sebastian Ting, the Honorable Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Sarawak for his generous support. The publication and launching of the commemorative book to mark the Society’s 50th-anniversary celebration was given the privilege of an event grant by the Ministry.


The publication of our commemorative book, titled “Stars twinkle, and so the Original Aspiration “is a noble cause to look back at where the organization and modern Chinese literature of Sarawak began, how they grew, and where they are headed. This book will definitely serve as an academic reference resource for those who urge to discover more about Sarawak’s Heritage, Arts, Literature, and Culture.

It’s known that the task of preserving Chinese literary culture is extremely tough, as our organization moves forward, we shall prioritize projects to bring in new talents to ensure inheritance and continuity. Against the backdrop of disruptive innovation, we even need digital natives to seek out the strength to continue the journey.

Sarawakians have all along emphasized the importance of strengthening our social harmony and well-being as well to ensure and preserve the culture, heritage, and beliefs of all races.


Sarawak Constellation Poetical Society is being recognized as a pioneer of Sarawak Chinese modern literature, but it has never limited itself to literary enthusiasm, its involvement in cultural and educational activities has helped to raise the social consciousness and sense of responsibility to preserve and enrich our cultural heritage.


Sarawak is unique and rare, resourceful and beautiful, the biggest asset of this land of hornbill is the harmony in diversity. Harmony in the diversity of  people, of their way of living together, makes Sarawak a role model for the country, and that also makes Sarawak so much More to Discover!

As we are told, Sarawak is recording more revenue for the government coffer, we wish that more resources will be allocated to promote Sarawak’s literary and artistic activities. Besides that, there should be more Government and NGO collaborations to ensure and preserve the culture, heritage, and beliefs of all races, to address the needs of various ethnic groups for the development of culture and education.


If we are keen to optimize our Sarawak’s strength of harmony in diversity, we shall then develop our Sarawak soft power and therefore be able to ensure that our beloved land has a lot more, a lot of differences to discover.


Welcoming speech by Ng Chek Yong, President of Sarawak Constellation Poetical Society at the Launching of the commemorative book and Opening Ceremony of Literature Forum organized by the Sarawak Poetical Society held at the Grand Riverine Ballroom, Level 3, Riverine Diamond, Jalan Petanak, Kuching on Sunday, 11 December 2022