A Dialogue Between A Secular And A Monotheist 世俗者和一神教徒的对话 (英文)


A Dialogue Between A Secular And A Monotheist
(A Divide Between Chinese Culture And West Asian Religions)


This is profound


“WE EACH EXIST FOR BUT A SHORT TIME, and in that time explore but a small part of the whole universe…

Traditionally these are questions for philosophy, but philosophy is dead. Philosophy has not kept up with modern developments in science, particularly physics…”


If life’s last for a short time and all that we do will have no consequences, then we ought to live our lives to the fullest, whatever our heart desires with absolutely no boundaries. After all there will be no consequences. Is that true?


What you are describing is in contrary of your own practices. You will not practise this but perhaps you think that some people, like Americans, will practise.

Everybody leaves a trace, be it negligible or a big contribution to his family clam / his nation (民族) / human beings / the world.

This is what Chinese culture believes. And this is what my own life experience and history have taught me.


Generations come and go. Who can remember all of them? Some may remember very few of them, but not always for the due reasons. Those by gone or simply the deads, would they care to be remembered? Remember, they are dead, non responsive.


无怨无悔 no complaint and no regret, in our history, many people sacrificed their lives this way.


Then who can blame those politicians and businessmen who are corrupted to take everything along their paths.


If you think god will, he will not.


Thinking that they had sacrificed for a purpose for their name sake to be remembered. But does future generations care? Or they always blame the earlier generations for not doing enough.


That is why we have to believe and promote our culture, which is the longest extant culture, and I believe, its values are not found in many others.

中华儿女的共同点就是中华文化 the common characteristic among all Chinese descendants is Chinese culture.


The existence or non-existence of god or afterlife makes no impact to the world. How do I know? History tells me.

Human beings are the factor. God doesn’t control…


The Bible claims that the past, present and future had been defined in the grand master plan of God to save mankind and eventual rapture of the old earth and heavens. All things will come to past. God has foreknowledge of all things. He consults no one. Philosophers, scientists Historians and theologians have not, cannot and will not refute God’s truth as recorded in the Bible. They all together put forth hypothesis, and one after another fall. Bible proclaims that that the Bible is infallible truth.

Our Father in Heaven, Hallow be His Name, His Kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it’s in heavens.

All will come to past. I believe whole heartedly. To believe is ever dependent on my efforts. It’s revealed and l come to believe.


The fact is “the bible says / claims”… This has no impact to Chinese by and large.


Yes, KJ, for me it’s. I respect that most disagree with me and my stand on this. It’s well with me. I do also understand and accept that. I will never force anyone to believe in what l believe in, however, l have no issue to share my view in the discussion. To enter a discussion or debate, all sides need to put forth their stands on a subject matter and to reason from their stand.

On the science front, the AI is going to blow our mind apart. Elon Musk has written a letter to UN to request banning the R&D of AI soldier and war machines. He foresees that the consequences is something we will never be ready. North Korea has enterEd into the black market to raise money by selling nuclear and chemical weapons. The destruction is imminent and will be something we have never seen. It’s a matter of time that some will fall on to the wrong hands.

Science will ultimately be the weapons of mass destruction. It might have been built on a foundation of noble causes, but it will be derailed for evil.


I am with you on this subject. Westerners in the history were not that self-disciplined – their ambition has almost conquered the whole world. But if you look into the Chinese history, many Chinese top scholars were very self-disciplined. 中华文化相信人性有善和恶,华人也相信把善的一面带给社会,将带来好结果。Chinese culture believes that human nature inclines to both good and wicked deeds. Chinese believe that bringing good deeds to society yield good consequence.


We can do a million good, but one bad will be catastrophic.


I agree. 咱们只能存善心,行善事 we shall be kind and perform good deeds.


I read the history of Jews, the background and formation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Jews and Arab were all very backward at that time, much more than that of contemporary Egypt and Mesopotamia. Jews just started to become organised as a nation and to develop their civilization. Later on Arabs were similar.


Yes. Abraham, the patriarch of Jews came from the east in year around 2000BC. Then the grandson went by the name Jacobs son of Isaac was changed to Israel in his old age. His 11th son, by the name of Joseph was sold as slave by their own brothers to Egypt and later became the chief minister of Egypt. This becoming of chief minister paved the way for the family migration that saved Israel the father, his 11 brothers and households from starvation.

They multiplied fast and became prosperous. This drew envy of the latter pharaohs and enslaved them for 440years.

Moses led them out of Egypt around 1600b.c, and lived in the desert for 40 years.

Thereafter Joshua led them into the land of canaanites (current Israel and neighbourhood).

They took 500 years rising to superpower in the region, but gradually slide to slavery again in another 500 years into the hands of babylonians, Persians, Greek then eventually to the Romans.

The nation of Israel had been living in desolation since 600b.c. But after the world war ll, United Nations, carved out the lands that had been occupied by arabs for ages.

It created the huge geopolitical struggle in that part of the world.

Going back to Genesis the 1st book of the Bible, all these were already recorded. Including the Arabs will be their enemies. It’s fascinating how a book written in 1600b.c. can accurately foretold the future of the nation of Israel, the coming of Christ etc.

The Dead Sea Scrolls validated that it was written in Moses age.

(Editor note: Old Testament was actually written over a period of time and re-edited after a portion of Jews returned from Babylonian Captivity. Dead Sea Scrolls were made estimated between 408 BCE and 318 CE.)


Today’s science knowledge is very much different from Newton’s times, not to say that of Middle Ages. Just a century ago, the Big Bang, dilation of time and contraction of distance during high-speed travels were all unheard. Quantum physics was also something new in last century.

French were considered having the most advanced philosophies after French Revolution. I believe a lot of people today are not even in par with with the French then, including French today.

While science has progressed and some western minds also have, but many have not. We just shouldn’t think like westerners in Middle Ages.

How could China modernize so fast? There is no burden, whatsoever, unlike what Middle East and Malaysia are having.